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Help and User Support


The Goalbit Project has been around for now several years. There has been a lot of documentation on its architecture and protocol, although not always 100% accurate or complete. In this opportunity we are making our biggest effort to make available the most neccesary and accurate documentation, for both developers and users. We are trying to centralize it in our Wiki, Forum and research page. Please feel free to navigate through them and use them for your needs.

I need help with the GoalBit Media Player

Although there is still no user's manual, the very first place to start may be the Wiki. The Goalbit Media Player intends to be as intuitive as any other player to open and play files, but if you are looking for more specific details the answer might be in the Wiki or in our Forum. In any other case the VLC documentation may even help you, and never forget the search engines!

I need help with broadcasting

Information on broadcasting can be found in the Wiki. The Goalbit Media Player can be used for broadcasting, but this usage is not as simple as how to use the player, luckily the Forum can be accessed too as well as the VLC documentation (our broadcasting code is based on it).


I'm getting started installing GoalBit video platform on my systems

We like to hear that! It is not a straightfoward task as installing the player, but we have included documentation in the Wiki about it. Nevertheless, a little experience in related stuff will be very helpful.

I would like to develop GoalBit

To become a member of the Goalbit Developer team may not be a straightfoward path, but we believe that the development in the VLC media player (in which Goalbit's source code is based) is the best project to do so. After the learning stage many satisfactions come with it. A high level of commitment is needed, and it worths all of it. If you are convinced of becoming part of the Goalbit development team please contact the project administrator at the SourceForge page.