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GoalBit Solutions - GoalBit Play - Professional Video Platform
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GoalBit Plus: the best optimization of your content delivery service

GoalBit Plus is an easy-to-integrate technology that optimizes your video delivery service in the following ways: increasing the quality of experience of end-users (reducing start-up time and buffering), and reducing CDNs costs with our mature P2P technology.

Moreover, it allows you to completely monitoring your video service in real-time, including statistics of quality of experience, bandwidth savings and CDN performance.





Reduce bandwidth costs by up to 80% with our mature P2P technology

Our mature Peer-to-Peer technology backed up by traditional CDN decreases bandwidth costs by up to 80%. The more viewers you have, the more effective our technology is.


Improve quality of experience (QoE), reducing start-up time and buffering.

Today, it is the time for live streaming on Internet. Several video providers are offering their services, and the viewers are becoming more and more selective. In the best-effort context of Internet, the main technical differential between services will be the quality of experience provided. Our video stream optimization algorithm runs into the Video Player, and it monitors the bandwidth capacity in real time in order to reduce start-up time and buffering, obtaining a more smooth experience in video playback and better perceived quality.


Easy integration. Works with any Content Delivery Network (CDN). Simple Player integration through our free SDK for major Video Players.

Very simple Video Player integration using our free SDK for major Video Players (Android, iOS, Adobe Flash). No server-side integration needed, our solution is 100% SaaS compatible, with the lowest cost of ownership. Self-hosted license is also available to those who want to host their own GoalBit Plus server.


Real-time analytics and quality of experience (QoE) monitoring.

Real-time aggregated analytics are presented in the GoalBit Plus administration panel in order to measure and monitor quality of experience of your video service. Most important factors in performance are measured, including start-up time, buffering, resolution and bit rate, viewing time, etc.


Real-time alerts about service's overload or failure, and about CDN performance.

Our independent monitoring service is the perfect complement to your current CDN service. We audit the main performance parameters, like average bit-rate, data transfer...


Cross-platform support: major Video Players (Andriod, iOS, Adobe Flash). HTTL Live Streaming (HLS) compatible.

GoalBit Plus is designed for Over-the-Top video providers; we integrated our technology in several set-top-boxes, including the most popular technologies like Android, iOS, and Adobe Flash. We provide free of charge SDK for major Video Players. Please ask us about our custom integration service in order to use GoalBit Plus with your particular devices.


In error conditions, GoalBit Player SDK falls back to the traditional CDN delivery.

If the end-user device is not supported or the GoalBit Plus server is inaccessible, then content is delivered normally from the CDN. In error conditions, GoalBit Player SDK falls back to the traditional CDN delivery in order to ensure the best possible Quality of Experience.


Compatible with common content protection mechanisms (URL Tokenization, DRM).

Centralized stream authentication is done in the server in order to preserve the content integrity. Moreover, all peer-to-peer communication is encrypted. If needed, our technology is compatible with the content protection mechanism provided by your CDN, including URL Tokenization and Digital rights management (DRM).

Easy integration architecture